During the past decade, India has seen major mining and energy companies set up their projects. RGF ES has worked with Natural Resources majors and contributed to the initial build-up of the team. The sub-sectors under this practice group where RGF ES has established track-record would include Mining & Metallurgy, Metal processing, Oil & Gas – E&P, R&M, Downstream, Power, Raw Materials, Renewable which cover wind, solar & hydro.

Landmark searches

  • MD, India’s leading E&P contractor.
  • MD, India- 40B$ global natural resources company.
  • MD, India & Middle East- World’s top ranked oil well drilling contractor.
  • CEO, India- Wind Energy company.
  • VP , Metals Technologies- 100 B$ technology power house in Industrial, power and healthcare sectors.
  • MD, India- World renowned power company.
  • COO – Solar power developer.
  • Director- A leading infrastructure group from South India.
  • MD- India’s largest producer of non-ferrous metals.
  • CEO , Mines- Australia- Indian origin 15 B$ Natural Resources group.
  • CEO, Aluminium- Part of a 20 B$ Industrial group.


Delhi, Mumbai